Turn your phone photos to a monthly magazine dirt cheap

Recently will turn your iphone’s camera roll photos to a magazine every month for only $8.99. When you open the app it displays a curated grid of your 100 most recent photos. No need to do select or edit, but if you’d like to, it’s simple. Double tap to delete. Drag to move. Swipe to undo. It’s actually kind of fun. Then just tap PUBLISH by the end of the month.

A stunning, collection-worthy magazine, will be printed and mailed within the first week of the following month.

It’s a real magazine, not your average flimsy throwaway. Think high-end art magazine, with your life as the subject. It’s a meticulously laid out, 7×10 magazine, press-printed on premium heavy stock paper, showcasing up to 100 of your recent photos.

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