SecureTribe social network

SecureTribe is a good startup to take a look at with Facebook’s data sharing in the news. It’s a new, modern take on how a social media photo/video sharing service should work. They focused on the security and privacy of the users. Absolutely no content is shared with the general public without the user’s express permission. All content is encrypted before it leaves the iPhone and can only be viewed (decrypted) by an authorized user with the appropriate decryption key.


Their unique platform allows you to choose what aspects of your life you share with those around you. Let’s say you went to church on Sunday and took a charming album of selfies. Great! This can be shared with Grandma and Grandpa. But…what if you were singing “take me to church” on Sunday, at the new club in town. You now have some…interesting pics…ones that should only be shared with your closest friends.


With SecureTribe, you can create private OR public albums, choosing the specific people you do and don’t want to share content with. No more concerns about shocking Grandma to death with those #Unexpected selfie photos.


Parents can even create ulta-secure/invitation only Private tribes to safely share baby pix with family without any concern of online predators.

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