Helping parents to get kids to eat!

Yumit is an interactive meal set, specifically designed for kids to get them interested in eating.
It helps them focus on their food by turning meal times into a fun game.

Getting kids to eat can be a challenge, either because they lack the motivation, are easily distracted or turn their nose up at certain flavors.

Yumit holds the attention of children when it’s time to eat and makes mealtimes an interactive experience — using technology to help them get the goodness they need. Each gram of food they eat is transformed in real time into virtual energy that can be used in interactive games across different devices.

The Yumit meal set is made from highly resistant anti-slip materials with rounded edges making it easy to hold and child friendly. Plus, there are fun color options available for all ages. Each set includes a place mat, knife, fork and spoon made of durable, harmless materials.

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